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About Vivienne Storey

I am currently the General Manager of BlandsLaw, a boutique law firm specialising in Employment Law.

Previously I gained extensive international business development and management experience across a range of industries, working with major global corporations. My key expertise lies in developing strategic relationships and ensuring ongoing business growth with attention to profit margin.

My experience includes:

  • Public relations with Shearwater, Zimbabwe
  • Account management with Lonrho PLC’s Russian trading division, London
  • Account management with BankEnd, Finland and Estonia
  • Global account management with Global One Telecoms (JV Sprint USA, Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom), Sydney

I have had the priveledge of working with many global corporates including, Deutsche Bank, ING Bank, Nestle, Phillip Morris and Deloittes.

I am an experienced and professional public speaker, particularly when given the opportunity to articulate myenthusiasm for B2B engagement with social media.

I am now the General Manager and social media advocate at BlandsLaw, a specialist employment law firm, who is also leading the way in providing strategic legal advice on social media, based on experience gained actually using on line tools to actively market the business and engage on line.

I am really interested in social media as a means of engagement, an active user of Twitter  and Facebook and enjoy learning and writing about social media issues. I am particularly passionate about encouraging companies to use social media policies to assist them engage their employees in social media while managing their risk.

“I was fortune to hear Vivienne at the Crime and Legal Issues in Social Media Conference, she managed to make boring legals issues have a personality. Viviene certainly does what she preaches and gets social media. Her company has implemented many Social Media strategies, anchored to a sound social media policy. If you’re considering using Social Media in your business, then you would be wise to talk to Viviene on creating a Social Media Policy.”    December 14  2010 Rowan Shead, Social Media Marketing, Cashflow Copywriting & Marketing

Please feel free to contact me on or visit BlandsLaws website for more information


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