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Need a Social Media Policy in a Hurry?

April 12, 2010

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If you’re concerned about not having a social media policy in your business you should be! Who’s saying what about you and when? You’re employees may know more about the internal working of your business than you do – how do you manage what get’s very public and affects the public image of your organisation?

A good social media policy will go a long way – of course it needs to be implemented and monitored – but the policy is the starting reference point for all employees and the business.

If you need to do this in a hurry, I’ve found a fantastic tool on the net that covers most bases. This is a really simple 12 step Q & A that allows some customization that results in a straightforward policy that you can then distribute to your employees.

I really like the “Social Media Tips” section and it also includes a “Don’t Forget Your Day Job” paragraph. In all it’s well written, covers ettiquette and good commons sense.

Of course these do not replace a highly customised social media policy which obviously addresses the nuances of your own business, things like intellectual property, staff spokespeople etc. All businesses should eventually develop their own policy and, it also doesn’t replace  good legal advice that should ideally be used when developing social media policies for ultimate business protection. But, it does go a long way and is much better than having no policy at all.  As a rule of thumb make sure you introduce your social media policy at the time of training staff in social media and before executing your social media strategy.

If you have seen any other such tools for developing instant social media policies, I would be really interested to hear about them

If you would like legal advice in developing a social media policy please contact Andrew Bland of BlandsLaw on

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